Code of Honor (1): You follow a strict personal code, and you either gain 3 extra dice to resist supernatural persuasions that would make you break your code, or the would-be persuader has to roll at a +2 difficulty.

Dual-Nature (2) : You have two purposes in life; you can choose two Natures and regain Willpower when satisfying the requirements for either one (or both of them). These Natures should be complimentary to one another-this is a Merit, not a Derangement.

Gall (2) : You got moxy, kid. Add an extra die to any Social roll requiring backbone.

Loyalty (1) (other): You are devoted to a person, group, or cause, and easily resist attempts to persuade you away from the object of your loyalty. You also gain a Willpower bonus (in the form of bonus dice, or increased difficulty for your opponent) to try and resist supernatural forms of persuasion that challenge your loyalty.