Catlike Balance (2): -2 difficulty to rolls relating to balance.

Double-Jointed (1): -2 difficulty on any roll involving flexibility.

Huge Size (4): You are not a girly-man (or woman), and may be as tall as seven feet and weigh as much as 400lbs. You have an extra Bruised Health Level.

Hypersensitive Palate(2): You have an almost supernatural ability to analyze the blood you drink. Any sip of blood you are able to sample allows a single Perception roll (diff 7 + the age of blood in hours) to detect familiar tastes or distinctions. If any successes are scored, the ST may require a second roll to correctly identify the flavors tasted. (water from the Thames, French merlot, Lingenwald factory soot, or a particular family's blood.

Light Sleeper (1): You can function on very little sleep, and so are less likely to suffer penalties for losing sleep. You are also more likely to awaken quickly, and so may gain bonuses to Wits rolls when something may wake you up. The Vampire version (a 2 point Merit) allows you to be able to wake up more easily from Slumber and be awake during the day, regardless of Humanity score.

Longevity (2): You live long and prosper, and do not suffer aging effects until you are 65-70 years old (90 years old if you're a Shifter).

Poison Resistance (2): You have an innate ability to resist the effects of many toxins. Roll Stamina to resist the effects of poison, level of difficulty 5 and up, depending on potence of the poison.

Merits and Flaws